Drei Kinder sitzen auf einer Treppe und gucken in die Kamera
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Welcome to “your area”!

Dear Parents,
All children love stories! Reading aloud or story-telling allows you to discover various stories together with your child. Your child will certainly enjoy this tremendously.

Let’s get started! You will find the hidden object book in your language on this page.

Where is Coco the cat?

Click here to open the book.

A day with Sofia, Enes and Amir

Click here to open the book.

Out and about with Elif and Malik

Click here to open the book.

There are other benefits as well.
With reading and story-telling:

  • you will spend a nice time with your child.
  • your child will learn new words.
  • your child will get new ideas.
  • your child will learn to have compassion for others.
  • your child will acquire new knowledge.
  • your child will be keen to learn how to read.
  • Your child will be better prepared for school.

You can start reading right away!

This is how you may select:
In which language do I prefer reading? For reading is good in any language! Your language is not part of the translations? This is not a problem at all. You can also simply look at the pictures with your child. And in doing so, you can make up your own story.

Here are some more reading tips:

Reading is a fit for any daily routine!
Even 5 minutes of reading is fun. And it helps with your child’s development. There is no need to read the hidden object picture book in one go. You may also just read individual pages. Let your child decide: This is the page for today.

Talk to your child!
Your child might interrupt your reading. This is not a bad thing. For it is also important to talk about what you hear and about the pictures. For example, there are search questions included in the book as well. You may then find the sought items on the pictures together with your child. Make sure you then name the item as well.
Be it in German or in another language. You may also think of your own search questions. For example: “Find all red items in the book.”

You do not need to be an actor or an actress!
There is no need for you to be an actor or an actress when reading. Your child will find it great in any way. You should also feel good when reading. You may read more loudly or more softly at times as well. Or more quickly and more slowly at times. Depending on what goes with the storyline.

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